Traffic in St. Louis—from the Arch to the suburbs—can be difficult to navigate.

In fact, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Statistical Analysis Center, in 2020, there were 760 total bus crashes in Missouri with more than 15 passengers and a driver.

While St. Louis bus accidents are not too common, when they do happen, they can cause injuries ranging from mild to serious. A bus crash could leave a victim with injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, and even head trauma.

An injury means at least one trip to the doctor, which can result in medical bills and missed time at work. The expenses a victim incurs after a bus accident quickly add up.

Thankfully, a St. Louis bus accident lawyer can help.

You have the right to pursue compensation for your expenses after a bus accident. At Jett Legal, we take the time to uncover all the evidence in your personal injury case. We make communication with you our priority, and we’re tough negotiators who work hard to represent our clients’ best interests.

Jett Legal proudly represents clients in St. Louis, Missouri, and anywhere from Jefferson County to St. Charles County.

Bus Accidents in Missouri

Bus accidents are less common than car accidents. However, the consequences can be devastating. It’s important to know about the factors that contribute to victims’ injuries.

Contributing Factors

A car may strike a bus, or a bus driver may make a mistake that leads to a crash. In these and similar situations, what is inside the bus itself may contribute to a victim’s injuries.

Many buses have neither seatbelts nor airbags. Without these two important safety measures, you could be more likely to suffer an injury in a crash. Additionally, the design of the bus itself is another factor that can lead to injuries.

Buses are more likely than cars to roll over or tip over. The sheer weight and size of a bus can cause serious injuries and even lead to the death of passengers and other drivers who were involved in the wreck.

Passengers’ objects inside the bus are another contributing factor. For example, if someone brings a briefcase with sharp corners on the bus, that could become an extremely dangerous projectile if the bus were hit by a speeding car.

Overall, there are many factors involved in a bus crash that make these types of accidents especially dangerous. If you are a bus accident victim, you don’t have to suffer alone. Seek the compensation you deserve by working with an experienced bus accident lawyer.

Legal Options

The negative effects of a bus accident extend far beyond the day of the crash.  Car accident medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering leave hefty tolls on bus accident victims. You may be able to seek compensation from the party who has liability to pay for expenses incurred from the accident.

There are generally two paths to achieve this in a bus crash: suing the other driver or suing the city.

Suing the Other Driver

Distracted driving happens all the time. Whether a driver is responding to a text message, trying to find their music app on their phone, or just not paying attention, they can cause an accident.

A driver’s negligence is when they fail to fulfill their duty of care to a reasonable standard. If a driver’s negligence causes an accident, they likely have liability and can be sued.

If a driver struck the bus you were riding, you may be able to hold that driver liable. Speak with an experienced bus accident attorney to discuss the details of your case.

Suing the City

Suing the city for a bus accident is complicated. However, a successful claim can result in the compensation you need for your bus accident injuries after the accident.

One of the most important parts of bringing a lawsuit against a city is doing so very quickly. There is a statute of limitations, or deadline, to file a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations for a claim against the city is typically less than six months after the accident, which is much sooner than in cases not involving the city.

In Missouri, if a bus driver caused an accident that resulted in your injuries, you may be able to sue the public employee and the county, city, or bus company that employs them.

All of this information may be overwhelming. Don’t worry: a St. Louis bus accident attorney from Jett Legal can help you. They can help you file a claim or lawsuit, so you don’t have to. Consult with a personal injury lawyer today to get started on your case.

St. Louis Bus Accident Lawyers

A victim of a bus accident has the option of suing the city or suing the other driver to seek compensation. However, filing a bus accident claim is difficult to do alone.

Our team at Jett Legal will communicate closely with you to ensure we’re representing your best interests. Our personal injury attorney is proud to serve clients in St. Louis, Missouri, and from Jefferson County to St. Charles County.

If you experienced a bus accident in St. Louis, you can rely on the attorneys at Jett Legal to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free case review.


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