Because we know that these individuals may need extensive medical attention and recuperation time to get their lives back, our seasoned St. Louis pedestrian accident attorneys aggressively represent injury victims who were hurt while walking or jogging on city streets in their neighborhoods. Following pedestrian accidents, it’s critical to speak with a St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer at once to preserve crucial evidence in pedestrian accident cases.

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Pedestrian Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

Natural Bridge, Kingshighway, North Grand, and Union are crash hot spots. In 2020, 42 pedestrians were killed, and 395 were wounded by vehicles in St. Louis and St. Louis County.

On an October Monday and Tuesday morning in St. Louis County, three separate pedestrian accidents occurred involving three individuals, according to a report from October 2022. The locations of the accidents are the intersections of St. Charles Rock Road and Normandy Avenue, Woodson Road near Tennyson Road in Overland, and Jennings Station Road.

Pedestrian Accident Resources in St. Louis

SSM Health St Mary’s Hospital

6420 Clayton Rd.
St Louis, MO 63117

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

3635 Vista Ave.
St Louis, MO 63110

Metropolitan Police Department – City of St. Louis

1915 Olive St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

What to Do Immediately Following a Pedestrian Accident

Although the period immediately after a pedestrian accident might be stressful, they are crucial. Follow these instructions carefully.

Call the Police

The driver or other witnesses are responsible for calling emergency services if you have been struck by a car and are unconscious (if any are available). If you are aware after being hit, you need to take action and report the automobile accident. Your judgment and capacity to identify pain and injury may be impaired by the physical and mental shock your body will most likely be experiencing. Always dial 911 for emergency help, and let first responders evaluate your physical state.

Gather Evidence

Take pictures of the pedestrian accident location, your bicycle, and any injuries you may have. Make thorough notes and put everything in writing. Record the time, date, location, reason for the accident, and other relevant details that could later assist you in your pedestrian accident claim. Witnesses to the collision may be able to provide some light on what took place. Ask for contact information from anybody observing the crash, such as other bikers. The responding law enforcement personnel might also look for any witnesses. Your pedestrian accident attorney will find this information beneficial.

See a Doctor

Fortunately, you are not one of the many pedestrian fatalities. Seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you only feel shaken up. Adrenaline will be flowing through your body after a collision, which may hide common pedestrian accident injuries you’ve sustained. People frequently believe they are fine but afterward discover they are in pain. You might have fractures, spinal damage, torn ligaments, or other pedestrian injuries. Some of these severe injuries might initially be relatively painless. People with serious wounds often believe they have mild bruises or strains.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents involving pedestrians frequently result in injury. There’s a chance your rehabilitation could take a while, and you’ll have to spend a lot of money. It is best to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer immediately if you have been hurt. A personal injury attorney will gather information about your case and develop the best defense on your side.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Serving St. Louis, Missouri

Most pedestrian accidents are serious. For the wounded party to get necessary medical attention and rehabilitation services, it’s crucial to get complete financial compensation. Our team at Jett Legal has experience advocating for pedestrians and bicyclists, and we’ll fight for your rights. Let’s discuss your pedestrian accident case. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, contact us today to schedule a free case review.


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