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If you were severely injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s important to know you don’t have to try to pay your bills on your own. When you decide to pursue compensation from the at-fault party and hire Jett Accident & Injury Lawyers to help, you’ll have a skilled legal team by your side throughout your personal injury case.

At our St. Louis law firm, we understand how overwhelming it is to get medical bills that you can’t afford to pay while in pain from your injuries. That’s why we work hard to get our clients financial compensation after a devastating accident left them injured, disabled, or grieving a family member. If you want to learn your legal options from a caring personal injury lawyer in St. Louis, call 314-501-9509 for a free consultation

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What Types of St. Louis Personal Injury Cases Can We Handle?

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If someone else’s negligence caused you catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one, you likely have a personal injury case worth pursuing. Some incidents that commonly lead to personal injury cases include car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims. If a St. Louis personal injury attorney can prove liability and show you suffered monetary losses, they can initiate a personal injury claim for compensation.

If you’re unsure if you should pursue your personal injury case, contact our law firm for a free consultation with a St. Louis personal injury lawyer. We’ll investigate your accident to determine who caused it and how much compensation you’re entitled to. No matter what kind of personal injury case you have, we have likely successfully handled several cases like it, so you can trust that you’re in capable hands with our St. Louis injury attorney.

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Why Should You Hire a Lawyer to File a St. Louis Personal Injury Claim?

As you watch your bills arrive, you might feel anxious about how to pay them, especially if you haven’t been able to work since your accident. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this once you receive a settlement from the insurance company. But that’s more challenging than it sounds unless you have help from a St. Louis personal injury lawyer.

After all, insurance companies are known for rejecting personal injury claims sent in by injury victims. Even when they accept them, they usually offer the minimum monetary compensation. So, if you file a personal injury claim alone, you’re unlikely to get the money you deserve. This is why you should leave this task to an experienced personal injury lawyer. When you hire our law firm, we’ll recover compensation sufficient for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call us to discuss your personal injury case.

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Matt Jett lawyer in St Louis

Matt Jett and his team know the power of having the right Personal Injury Attorney when suffering through injuries sustained by no fault of your own. Being under-represented can mean settling for sub par treatment, medical care, relief, and settlements that leave you with liabilities that could last a lifetime. Known for their keen negotiation skills and powerful advocacy for clients, the extensive experience in legally protecting victims of injury and years of expertise in different facets of the law, Matt Jett and his team can help.

As a DWI defense attorney, Matt gained extensive knowledge in the courtroom defending cases based on issues with lack of probable cause, improper investigations, and have fought to ensure police keep proper records and don’t break the rules or lie about important maintenance or recordkeeping requirements. That extensive knowledge and experience within DWI investigative techniques and procedures trained him to find key issues that can be used to the advantage of clients.

Those unique insights and advantages also lend to the powerful ability of thinking like a defense attorney and remaining a step ahead of the other side in a Personal Injury case to recover the most money possible for my clients is alignment with their incredible pain and loss. Even in cases where alcohol is not involved, my ability to find mistakes that were made by at-fault parties is a key strength that allows Jett Accident and Injury Lawyers to provide the highest quality representation to those that have been hurt by someone else’s negligence.

Matt Jett Attorney

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help If You Lost a Loved One in an Accident?

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St. Louis personal injury lawyers can help injured victims pursue compensation for medical expenses, but they can also offer legal services to surviving family members who lost loved ones. In particular, wrongful death claims can get you the money you need for funeral and burial costs. They can also ensure you have money to pay for medical treatment bills from your loved one’s emergency room visit or hospital stay.

You shouldn’t have to think about unplanned bills as you grieve. Hiring a St. Louis wrongful death lawyer will make it possible for you to recover compensation to make up for the financial losses you dealt with when your loved one tragically and unexpectedly passed away due to someone else’s negligence.

Case Results
$1.25 M


Motorcyclist Receives $1.25 Million Settlement Despite Being Charged with DWI, Speeding & Other Charges



Our client was walking along a crosswalk when a negligent bus driver hit him. The impact caused a traumatic brain injury.



Our client was traveling in his truck when another driver attempted to make a left turn in front of him.



$600,000.00 global settlement (pre-suit policy limits) for woman injured in low speed rear-end collision.

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Your personal injury case is important to us, so you‘ll have our full attention at every meeting and can expect immediate answers to questions about your case. We understand how essential your settlement is when you have medical bills to pay, so we‘ll give your case the personalized attention it deserves.
Free consultations
All clients get a free consultation before agreeing to the attorney/client relationship. We want you to feel comfortable in our law office as we get familiar with your personal injury claim. If you decide you want legal representation from our team, we‘ll explain how to prepare for the next phase of your case.
No upfront fees
We know you‘re already worried about finances as you seek compensation for your personal injury claim, so we‘re happy to offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis. This means you don‘t pay until you get a settlement from the insurance company
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When you hire our firm, you‘ll get legal support from a St. Louis personal injury lawyer you can trust. But beyond that, you‘ll also get access to the legal resources we‘ve built over the years, including a network of medical and economic experts whose statements can strengthen your personal injury case.
Years of results
You deserve help from St. Louis personal injury lawyers with years of experience representing clients with a variety of claims. We‘ve settled generous personal injury cases for clients injured in car accidents, fall accidents, and other painful situations, and we want a chance to do the same for you.
Central location
Our personal injury law firm is conveniently located to assist clients in and around St. Louis. Whether you‘re in St. Charles, O‘Fallon, Florissant, or surrounding areas, we invite you to set up an appointment with a caring St. Louis personal injury attorney at our law firm.

What Happens After You File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you want legal representation for your personal injury claim, your first step should be to schedule a free consultation at a St. Louis personal injury law firm. When you come to Jett Accident & Injury Lawyers to speak with our legal team, an experienced personal injury lawyer will listen as you describe the accident.

Once we have a complete understanding of the details, we will begin putting together your personal injury claim. Your St. Louis personal injury lawyer will examine medical records, videos, police reports, and pictures to decide which party is liable. Then they’ll add up your lost income, property damage, and medical expenses related to the accident before requesting financial compensation. If you’re ready to get legal representation from compassionate St. Louis personal injury lawyers, contact our law firm.

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Schedule Your Free Consultation with Jett Accident & Injury Lawyers

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If you’re eager to recover compensation, you should talk to St. Louis personal injury attorneys with the legal knowledge and experience to confidently handle your claim. Call Jett Accident & Injury Lawyers today at 314-501-9509 for a free consultation with a skilled personal injury lawyer.

You’ll find Jett Accident & Injury Lawyers near I-270 and Route 340. Millennium Park and Malcolm Terrace Park are 5 minutes away, while Dr. H. Phillip Venable Memorial Park is 6 minutes away. St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) is 12 minutes from our law firm.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the statute of limitations on St. Louis personal injury lawsuits?

Every state has a statute of limitations, or a timeframe when you can take legal action. For most personal injury lawsuits, it’s five years. But some types of personal injury lawsuits have a shorter deadline for legal action. Medical malpractice and workers’ compensation claims must be made within two years of the date of injury, with some exceptions. You have more time to file a wrongful death lawsuit, as the statute of limitations is three years. Contact St. Louis personal injury attorneys as soon as possible to ensure there is time to file a claim.

What do I need to do after a car accident?

Car accidents are scary to experience, especially when you realize you’re severely injured. When this occurs, call 911 to request an ambulance for you or other drivers. Once you’ve assessed your injuries and gotten any necessary emergency care, take pictures of the accident scene to have photographic evidence of your injuries, the damage to your car, and the traffic signals nearby. Then fill out a police report and exchange insurance information with the other driver. Finally, call a car accident lawyer when you get home to discuss filing a claim.

What are economic vs. non-economic damages in a personal injury case?

Skilled St. Louis personal injury lawyers can help you get economic and non-economic damages for your personal injury claim. Economic damages are costs you’ve paid or will be expected to pay, such as medical bills and property damage. Lost wages count as economic damages, too. Non-economic damages are harder to calculate because they seek financial compensation for emotional distress, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other losses. Talk to St. Louis personal injury lawyers to learn what damages apply to your case.

What are the most common injuries in personal injury cases?

Personal injury claims can be made for various painful scenarios, from medical malpractice to fall accidents, so the injuries vary. Some of the most catastrophic injuries personal injury lawyers see in cases include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, organ damage, amputation, and paralysis. Other common wounds for injury victims include broken bones, burns, and whiplash. If you suffered injuries of any kind, contact St. Louis personal injury attorneys to pursue damages for medical treatment bills.

What if my actions contributed to the accident?

In some personal injury cases, both parties are at fault. When this happens, personal injury victims can still collect compensation, but it will be reduced by the amount of fault they had in the accident. So, if you suffered injuries in a truck accident that was 30 percent your fault, your compensation will be 70 percent of the total damages. If you have questions about this Missouri personal injury law, contact St. Louis personal injury lawyers for answers.

Should I talk to the insurance company after a car accident?

While you should report your car accident to your insurance provider, avoid talking to the insurance company representing the other driver. They might call you to ask questions about the accident, but always remember that their goal is to find reasons to say you’re at fault for the collision. They’ll look for any leverage to deny your car accident claim, so do not talk to them. Instead, contact local personal injury attorneys who will take on your case and communicate with the insurance company on your behalf.

What is pain and suffering in a St. Louis personal injury lawsuit?

When you contact personal injury lawyers to work on your St. Louis personal injury lawsuit, you might notice they’re requesting pain and suffering damages as part of your compensation. Pain and suffering describes the impact of the injuries on your life, above and beyond your lost income and medical costs. Some types of pain and suffering include mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and more. Your St. Louis personal injury attorneys will discuss your pain and suffering losses with you when filing your personal injury lawsuit.

Should I file a workers’ comp claim or a personal injury lawsuit in St. Louis?

If you suffered a serious injury at work, you should contact personal injury lawyers to determine how to get the maximum compensation. In many cases, filing a workers’ comp claim is the simplest way to obtain damages for medical costs and missed income. But if a third party was to blame for your serious injury, experienced personal injury lawyers can file a lawsuit against them to get you more compensation, including money for pain and suffering. Contact our St. Louis law firm to discuss your options.

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