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Motorcyclist Receives $1.25 Million Settlement


Motorcyclist Receives $1.25 Million Settlement Despite Being Charged with DWI, Speeding & Other Charges

A St. Louis County man who was riding a motorcycle near Gravois Bluffs in Fenton, Missouri settled for $1,250,000.00 after another driver pulled out in front of him, causing his motorcycle to crash into the other driver’s car.

The police who responded to the scene saw a young man who was riding on a racing-style street motorcycle and conducted an extremely biased investigation, concluding that the motorcyclist was at fault for the crash, claiming he was traveling in excess of 100 mph and was driving while intoxicated at or near the time of the crash. In all, our client, the motorcyclist, was charged with over 15 traffic violations and arrested following the crash.

This young man was referred to me to help assist him with his claim and defense of the traffic charges and DWI he was issued. After speaking with him extensively regarding the nature of the crash and the condition of the motorcycle after the crash, I made a quick decision to get the motorcycle out of the impound lot immediately and safeguard it for further inspection by a motorcycle crash reconstruction expert. The expert carefully reviewed all of the evidence available, including the motorcycle itself, photos of the crash scene, which we were able to recover from bystander witnesses and other evidence. The result of the analysis was that our client at the time of the impact was well within or even traveling under the speed limit when the other driver pulled out in front of him.

Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken femur, and severe disc herniations in his lower spine from the crash. After a thorough medical workup, including visits to brain injury specialists, we were able to negotiate a settlement for the full policy limits of $1,250,000.00 from the insurance company of the driver who pulled out in front of the motorcyclist.

Further, all of the criminal charges issued by the Fenton Police, including the speeding of 100 MPH and the DWI, were dismissed following a vigorous defense of those charges. In the end, there simply wasn’t any credible evidence to back up any of the charges issued by the police who responded to the scene and performed a completely inadequate and biased investigation against our client.

Injured Woman Settles For $495,000


Injured Woman Settles for $495,000 after Chain Reaction Crash

A Jefferson County woman who was rear-ended during a chain-reaction crash, while sitting at a red light intersection settled with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for the remaining policy limits of $495,000 (after paying $5,000 to the driver of the third vehicle involved). Although the physical damages to the car were minimal, under $5,000 for bumper repairs, the woman suffered significant injury to her shoulder and lower back.

In the early stages of the case, the insurance company initially disregarded the claim as being so minor as to only cause “soft tissue” injuries. The insurance company’s statements had no bearing on the case in the end, however, as there were several medical doctors who treated the driver that were able to connect the injuries she sustained to trauma, and an extensive pre-crash medical history showed no prior complaints to either region of the woman’s body.

After treatment concluded, I created an extensive packet of information that carefully explained the extent of the injuries my client suffered, the connection between the crash and those injuries, and their driver’s negligence being the sole cause of all of the injuries. I sent that to the adjuster, who had initially dismissed the value of my client’s claim. After a review by that insurance company, a settlement offer for the full policy limits was extended to settle the claim. This was achieved without the need to file any lawsuit, which prevented my client from having to take on added expenses and greatly expedited her actually getting paid by the insurance company.

In the end, nobody was able to give her back what had been taken from the negligent driver’s actions, but she was compensated for her losses to the greatest possible extent under the circumstances. She was very pleased to be able to get her medical treatment completely paid for by the at-fault driver’s insurance and was able to obtain a very significant sum of money for her pain and suffering during the whole process.

Injured Woman Settles For $250,000


Injured Woman Settles for $250,000 Policy Limits after Driver Pulls Out in Front of Her, Causing Crash

A woman driving on Gravois Road in St. Louis, Missouri settled her injury claim for the full policy limits of $250,000.00 following a crash where another driver negligently pulled onto the roadway. When the driver pulled onto Gravois road, my client, who was traveling on Gravois, was unable to stop and avoid the collision with the other driver. The police who responded to the scene concluded that the driver who pulled out failed to yield the right of way to our client.

Our client immediately began feeling intense pain in her lower back and neck, so she went to the emergency room for medical treatment. Eventually, after being treated by several doctors and not getting relief in her low back for several months, she elected to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery to repair an injured disc in her spine.

Following the surgery, a demand was sent to the at-fault driver’s insurance with a 10-day time limit to pay the entire policy limits, to which they accepted and paid. Our client was very happy to be able to achieve the maximum result under the circumstances to compensate her for the extensive back injury the crash caused. Our work on the case ensured that she got the best possible medical treatment, and that the settlement would pay all of her treatment costs and also provide her with financial security from the settlement.

Jefferson County Man Settles For $100,000


Jefferson County Man Settles for $100,000 Following Side-Swipe Crash on St. Louis Highway

A young man traveling to St. Louis from Jefferson County for work was side-swiped on Highway 40, causing him to suffer a torn rotator cuff.

Immediately after the crash, the young man knew something was wrong with his shoulder, so he went to urgent care to get it looked at by a doctor. The doctor at the urgent care didn’t know the extent of the injury, so he was prescribed some pain medications and told to follow up with his doctor if the shoulder didn’t start feeling better soon. Within a couple of days of the crash, he was unable to lift his arm due to shoulder pain, so he went to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor realized that there was a possibility of a rotator cuff tear, and the patient was referred to my office for representation for what was believed to be a very serious injury.

Once I began working on his injury case, I helped arrange for him to see a well-known St. Louis doctor who specializes in shoulder injuries. As I know, getting an injured person to the right doctor right away is the best way to help the person on the road to recovery. After extensive testing on the shoulder, including a physical examination by the shoulder specialist, and MRI imaging, it was discovered that the young man’s rotator cuff was torn. Surgery was performed shortly thereafter to repair the torn tissue. After surgery and several weeks of rehabilitative therapy, the young man was once again able to use his arm without pain in the shoulder.

Once all medical treatment was completed, I was able to negotiate a full policy limit settlement prior to filing any lawsuit for my client. The driver who hit him had a $100,000.00 liability policy, which completely paid for the cost of medical treatment and gave my client a great financial lump sum at the end of the case to compensate him for the pain and suffering he endured as a result of the shoulder injury that came from the crash.

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