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Pedestrian Accident Attorney in St. Louis

Helping Injured Victims Recover Financial Compensation

Whether you’re taking a stroll around your neighborhood, jogging to the park, or walking through a parking lot, you never know when you’ll be the victim of a pedestrian accident. Drivers of motor vehicles often aren’t paying close enough attention to the road to see pedestrians walking on city streets and sidewalks, which is why St. Louis pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common.

At Jett Accident & Injury Lawyers, we want to ensure pedestrian accident victims never feel alone while recovering from injuries, especially as they wonder how they’ll afford their medical bills and make up for lost wages. If you were injured in a St. Louis pedestrian accident, please contact our law firm for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.

What Are the Most Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries?

The injuries sustained by victims in pedestrian accidents are often serious and even fatal. The severity of the injuries depends on the size and speed of the motor vehicle involved in the pedestrian accident. Other factors include the age and health of the victim, what area of their body was struck, and what surface they landed on. The most common pedestrian accident injuries include:

  • Dislocated joints
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Open wounds
  • Injuries to the face and teeth
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fractured legs, hips, ribs, and arms
  • Wrongful death

Severe injuries like these require immediate medical attention, as they can lead to disabilities or death if not treated. Your priority after a St. Louis pedestrian accident should be to seek medical attention, as you’ll likely need to take an ambulance to the emergency room. Don’t let the idea of expensive medical bills stop you from getting medical care. You can worry about the medical expenses after you’re in stable condition, at which point you should contact St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyers to learn how to recover compensation from the liable party’s insurance company. Contact us for a free consultation with a compassionate St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer.

Who Is Usually At Fault for Pedestrian Accidents?

In many pedestrian accident cases, the underlying cause of the crash is driver negligence. Drivers are expected to pay attention to the road, follow the traffic rules, and only drive while alert and not impaired. But as many pedestrian accident injury victims learn the hard way, not all drivers make safe decisions behind the wheel.

As a result, negligent drivers might cause tragic pedestrian accidents that lead to severe or fatal injuries for pedestrians across St. Louis, Missouri. Common causes of most pedestrian accidents include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey traffic signs
  • Running red lights
  • Failure to give pedestrians the right of way

While motor vehicle drivers are often at fault for pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries, sometimes pedestrian accident victims contribute to the crash. For example, crossing the street at night while wearing dark clothes can make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. If a pedestrian accident occurs, the investigation might reveal that the pedestrian accident victim is partly to blame. But as long as the negligent driver is also at fault, the pedestrian accident victim can still pursue compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

If you’re unsure what caused your pedestrian accident in St. Louis and want to find out if you can recover compensation, call us for a free consultation. Experienced St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyers will tell you if you have a pedestrian injury claim worth pursuing and then estimate the amount you can get to make up for your serious injuries and lost wages.

What Compensation Can Pedestrian Injury Victims Get?

Pedestrian injuries are rarely minor, which is why it’s important to pursue compensation for the medical expenses you face after a pedestrian accident in St. Louis. You can expect to start getting bills for any medical care you need after your pedestrian accident, including the ambulance ride, hospital stay, medication, and more. Depending on your pedestrian injuries, you might also need medical care in the future. As these expenses rise, you’ll be glad to have guidance from a St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer to recover compensation for medical costs through a pedestrian accident claim.

But St. Louis pedestrian accident claims don’t stop at recovering compensation to pay for your medical attention for your physical injuries. They also seek compensation for other losses from the pedestrian accident, such as income you missed out on during recovery. Additionally, you may be compensated for your emotional distress, mental anguish, and any other effects of the pedestrian accident. To learn more about what financial compensation to expect from your pedestrian accident claim, contact us for a free consultation with a caring St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer.

Should You Hire a St. Louis Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

Healing from your pedestrian accident injuries will require you to seek medical attention and then rest at home until you’re fully recovered. During this time, you likely won’t have the energy or desire to consider the legal aspects of your pedestrian accident case. So, instead of looking at accident reports, photos, and witness statements about your St. Louis pedestrian accident, let trusted pedestrian accident lawyers handle these steps for you.

When you hire a St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer from our firm, you can feel confident that your pedestrian accident case is in good hands. Our St. Louis pedestrian injury lawyers have handled personal injury claims involving severe pedestrian injuries and pedestrian deaths, so we have the legal knowledge and experience to successfully handle your pedestrian accident or wrongful death claim. If you’re ready to talk to a St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer about how to seek compensation for your pedestrian accident injuries and other losses, call 314-501-9509 for a free case evaluation.