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Speeding tickets

St. Louis Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you have been cited with speeding in St. Louis, St. Charles, or Jefferson County Missouri, an experienced St. Louis speeding ticket lawyer can keep you from getting any points on your license, help keep your fines as low as possible, and can keep you from paying increased insurance premiums. Contact me today, I represent people with speeding tickets for as low as $50.00.

What A Speeding Ticket Will Do To Your License:

Under Missouri’s point-based system, pleading guilty to a speeding ticket could add as many as 3 points to your driving record. The charge will remain on your driving record for five years. Insurance companies look at your driving record when they calculate your premium, and a driving record that has as little as one speeding ticket will cause you to pay much higher rates than a person with a clean driving record. This means that if you simply pay the fine and take points on a single speeding ticket, that St. Louis speeding ticket will end up costing you money for at least 5 years! A conservative estimate of this cost using only a $100 increase in premiums over 5 years means that the ticket will cost you $1,000.00!

Why Hire An Attorney To Fix Your Speeding Ticket:

In most circumstances, a St. Louis speeding ticket lawyer is able to negotiate with the prosecutors and judges in the jurisdiction where you received your ticket to have the charge amended to a non-moving violation so long as you are willing to pay a slightly increased fine and court costs. Some courts require a certified driving record before they will consider amending your charges. For that reason it is especially important to hire a traffic lawyer in St. Louis anytime you get a ticket. Even if you don’t have a perfect driving record, it is possible to keep a new ticket off your record which will keep you from losing your license for a point suspension and will keep you from getting dropped from your insurance carrier or paying outrageous prices for insurance.

Do not throw your money away, instead, call an attorney that knows how to get your ticket amended to a non-moving violation such as Illegal Parking or Excessive Vehicle Noise today.

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