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My Car Was Hit And Their Insurance Won’t Pay

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You’re driving down the road, minding your own business. Suddenly, out of nowhere, another car slams into yours and takes off! You’re left with an expensive repair bill, but you have insurance to cover it… or so you thought.

Now you find yourself in a frustrating situation—the other driver’s insurance won’t pay.

What do you do?

No one expects to be in this situation, and it can be both confusing and overwhelming. If you find yourself facing an insurance company that won’t pay up, there are steps to fight back and get the compensation you deserve. With the right knowledge and approach—and the help of an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer—taking on an insurance company doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it may seem at first glance.

Keep reading to learn the steps to getting paid for your car repairs after an insurance claim denial.

1. Gathering Evidence And Documentation

The first step in getting the insurance company to pay for the damage is to gather as much evidence and documentation as possible. This includes taking pictures of the damage done to your car, writing down a detailed list of what needs to be repaired, and reporting the automobile accident to the police to get a report. It’s important to keep all of this information organized so that you can easily provide it to the insurance company when needed.

It’s also important to speak with any witnesses who may have seen the accident. Get their contact information and written statements from them if possible; these can be used as evidence in your case. Additionally, you should speak with an attorney who specializes in auto accidents if you believe that the other driver was at fault.

Filing A Claim With The Insurance Company

Filing a claim with your insurer can be a difficult and tedious process. It’s important to understand your insurance policy and to know what coverage you have before filing any claims. In most cases, if your car was hit by another driver, their insurance company should be responsible for the damages incurred.

The first step in filing a claim is to contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company and provide them with all of the necessary information.

This includes details such as:

  • Contact information
  • The accident date and time
  • The location of the accident
  • Any witnesses
  • Police reports
  • Pictures of the damage

You should also make sure to document everything in writing so that you have proof of what happened.

A car accident attorney can help you file a claim and advise you on how to move forward with your case.

Negotiating With The Insurance Company

Once you’ve gathered enough evidence and filed a claim with the insurance company, you can negotiate your settlement amount. Negotiations are often necessary because insurance companies typically provide low settlement offers. Their first offer may not be enough to cover your car repairs and other damages.

While you can negotiate with the insurance company on your own, it’s best to work with a St. Louis car accident lawyer. A lawyer has the experience and resources to effectively communicate with the insurance company. They will ensure that you’re not taken advantage of by the insurer.

Additionally, your attorney will do all the hard work for you. They will negotiate with the insurance company so you don’t have to.

Appealing Rejected Claims

Unfortunately, even when you negotiate and submit a solid claim, the insurance company may deny your claim. Insurance companies often deny or minimize claims to avoid paying for people’s damages. If you receive an insurance claim denial, then it’s time to appeal the rejected claim.

The first step is to review the denial letter and ensure that all of the information provided by both parties was considered. You will also want to check for any errors or omissions in the letter that could have led to a rejection. If you see any issues, contact the insurer and ask that they look into them.

If the insurer still denies your claim after reviewing any issues, consider filing an appeal with your state’s department of insurance. You will need to submit a written request along with evidence supporting your case. The department may then investigate the dispute further or provide mediation between you and the insurer to reach a resolution.

With diligence and patience, appealing a denied claim may lead to better results than settling for what was initially offered by an insurance company. When you work with a car accident lawyer, they will appeal the denied claim for you. And if the insurance company still refuses to pay for your car, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer will file the suit and represent you in court to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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