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What Is SATOP?

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In Missouri, if you are charged with a DWI you might be required to complete SATOP. Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) is a program designed to educate and treat people with alcohol and other dependency issues. The purpose of the program is not only to treat the dependency issues, but also to help prevent repeat offenses in the future.

Two-Part Program

SATOP is a two-part program that consists of an evaluation followed by a class. The evaluation is the first part of the program. A SATOP evaluation costs $375.00. The evaluation will consist of a review of your driving record, your BAC (blood alcohol content), a computer assessment, and an interview with a SATOP counselor. From all the information gathered a specific class will be assigned.

SATOP Classes Fall Into 4 Types:

Level 1: Offender Education Program – this is a 10 hour course; the most basic SATOP class for first-time offenders with low risk of dependency. Cost for OEP is $130.00.

Level 2: Weekend Intervention Program – this is a 20 hour course that is taken over the course of a weekend. This class is for first time offenders with higher risk of dependency, and is for repeat offenders. Cost for WIP is $458.28.

Level 3: Clinical Intervention Program – this is a 50 hour outpatient program for more serious offenders who have at least one prior offense. Cost for CIP is $1046.91.

Level 4: Serious and Repeat Offenders Program – this is the most intensive SATOP program for the most serious offenses and those with the highest level of dependency and risk of becoming a repeat offender. This class is a minimum of 75 hours of treatment that must be completed within a 90 day window. Cost for SROP is $1,500.00 and up.

Comparable Completion

Missouri will sometimes allow a different treatment program to fulfill the SATOP requirement. It is important to speak to a DWI attorney if you think you might have done treatment that could fulfill your SATOP requirement.

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